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Well, I was sitting in the library waiting for my roommate, so I didn't really have anything to do- except you know.. Homework. But to hell with that.

I think they would have saved the confusion if they left that entire issue out. BUT it still exists and Billy and Teddy are there. o-o

Really? Everything I've seen talks about them as being the same Miss America. They have the same name. And they're on the Marvel wiki (yes wiki) as the same person.

That's very true. The less that is ruined for you, the more there are surprises and surprises make it fun. It's ALL supposed to be fun, but then people go crazy over it and get obsessed and like are awful about things. I just wish they wouldn't release so many stupid trailers. One or two- get us excited- but don't release something everyday. Then it's just a movie. All I know is the end credit scene. D:

I don't think you COULD just change up Iron man as easily as Hulk. Edward Norton had one movie as Hulk (I didn't like him as Hulk anyway) But at this point RDJ has had IM, IM2 IM3 AND Avengers, he's established himself pretty well as Iron man I think it'd be hard to switch. The only problem with Ms. Marvel though is you probably wouldn't be able to talk about her past with Rogue. xD Since X-men are owned by a different company. Not that that's necessary I guess. But I'd love to see some Ms.Marvel+Spider-woman shenanigans they're so funny together.

I knew they were alternate universes, I just wasn't sure if they were alternate universes that were gonna happen. And if that's the case I guess Kate really is the only one genderbent? I don't mind Billy's outfit, it's pretty cool, I just don't want the hair. >_<

Whaaaaaaaaat. You shouldn't have to repay for shipping because the company sending your jacket messed up. And wow, you ordered quick. xD

Edit: If anyone wants to chat via Skype sometime (Since that's like the only messenger left) Let me know~ I'm always around, especially with the end of the semester coming up. :]

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