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Animazement 2013 Photoshoot sched

This is the mirrored version of the one on the official AZ forums, I'll try to keep this to up to date as possible:

The last day to make any changes is
MAY 9th by midnight!!! No later!This thread will be locked and be accepting no more posts. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!
If you do not get your times/places confirmed by this date, it will NOT get posted on the flier! You have been warned!

This is the place to list the Photoshoots for the upcoming year that have been individually planned in their own specific cosplay threads. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT PHOTOSHOOTS THAT ARE NOT LISTED HERE! DO NOT CONTINUE TO DISCUSS PHOTOSHOOTS THAT ARE LISTED HERE.

Like last year, I hope to get Katherine's help in obtaining a beautiful poster display and fliers again. I want even more people to be able to participate, so let's get planning! I want all of these ready to go ASAP. Be responsible and pick a time and stick with it. I know some plans can change when the AZ schedule comes out, and that's to be expected, but let's try to get it together.

A few NEW things to keep in mind:
This is NOT a staff ran event. This is something we have always ran as a fanbase.

IMPORTANT: No shoots are to be scheduled near the ballrooms. There was a terrible issue last year, and I believe it is in the best interest and safety of consplayers and the convention as a whole to avoid this floor entirely. There are plenty of other choices to be made, so please don't be upset as I implement this new change. I WANT us to keep having the support of staff, so I want everyone to like us. :3

*As usual, visitors from coscom's website that update here will be posted in blue. Please inform me that you are posting from coscom, so I can make distinctions. Thank you. :3

Group Leaders will be posted next to the groups in green. If you have a question regarding the shoot that you want to ask directly and in private PM them. Otherwise, it is better to ask in the designated threads. If you are a group leader, please let me know so I can add the information.

1. Avengers - 1pm - Big Stairs Outside - KatoriMenzoi
2. One Piece - 3pm - Grassy Area Across from Marriott - SaraiMulcahy
3. Pokemon - 3pm - Big Stairs Outside - redshinagamieyes
4. Hetalia - 3pm - Outside by the BB&T building - YukiHikari
5. Madoka Magica - 4pm - Big Stairs Outside - MinaUchiha2
6. Kuroshitsuji - 4pm - Lobby - therahma
7. Homestuck - 6:12pm - Grassy Area Across from Marriott - oglop_master

1. Sailor Moon - 11am - Big Stairs Outside - MinaUchiha2
2. VALVe - 11am - Lobby - Shenanagan
3. Sgt. Frog - 11:30am - Fountain - HinaIchigo
4. Video Games - 12pm - Lobby - QuickSilver95
5. Hetalia - 1pm - Outside by the BB&T building - YukiHikari
6. BBC - 1pm - Front of the light wall - SaraiMulcahy
7. Naruto - 2pm - Big Stairs Outside - KatoriMenzoi
8. Kingdom Hearts - 2pm - Meet in Lobby - fadedxxlovesong
9. Adventure Time - 3pm - Fountain - HeroofTime
10. The Legend of Zelda - 3pm - Event Room Windows - banvoic3
11. One Piece - 3pm - Grassy Area Across from Marriott - SaraiMulcahy
12. Durarara!!! - 4pm - Sir Walter Raleigh Statue - Junjou-chan
13. Madoka Magica - 5pm - Fountain - MinaUchiha2
14. Tales Game Series - 5pm - Lobby - Miakaylia
15. Homestuck - 6:12pm - Grassy Area Across from Marriott - oglop_master
16. MST3k - 7:30pm - Fountain - HinaIchigo

1. Homestuck - 12pm - Grassy Area Across from Marriott - oglop_master
2. Pokemon - 2pm - Big Stairs Outside - PuppetQueen

Courtesy Rules

1. When planning shoot times, be mindful of those who have already secured their time slots. If you are a big cosplay group such as Final Fantasy, Bleach, Homestuck, or MLP: FiM, you need to dedicate at least 2 hours for your group. Do not place these time slots within an hour of another big group; you'll need to separate those by at least 2 hours.

2. If you're a regular or smaller group, 30 minutes is good as long as it is a different location. If you want the same location as someone else, you need to give them at least an hour to have their shoot first. Other smaller groups. If you are taking longer than an hour (big groups get at least 2 hours) and someone else has reserved that spot, kindly move on. Share the convention space, and we'll always have peace and good times.

3. Do not utilize anyone else's photoshoot space that they have claimed first. Period. If you meet up somewhere and you decide you don't like that location, it is rude to decide to "hone in" on someone else's spot. Be respectful guys. We're a loving convention.

4. If you're not sure of a group's size when you're discussing your time, ASK! It is my job to ensure that the slots are scheduled smoothly. I'll double check with the threads and I'm usually able to get a good feel of the group sizes. I may make mistakes, but I promise as I continue to do this, I will improve and make things as easy as possible on you all.

Tips for Planning Photoshoots

1. Follow the courtesy rules! This is always a good tip.

2. Be mindful of other cosplayers who are participating in the shoot. While it isn't possible to accommodate everyone's wishes, it IS better to get the majority to pick a time with you. This will be nice and considerate to all the cosplayers and it will also make your photoshoot bigger.

3. Be respectful to your group leaders. These are good AZ goers who are stepping up and taking charge for YOUR benefit. This is something that they do not have to do, but are doing because they want to. It will prevent the chaos of not knowing what's going on when you arrive at your photoshoot and will ensure that the shoot runs smoothly.

4. If you're a group leader, it's always a good idea to have a knowledge of good places for photoshoots. Scout ahead, or ask others who have been doing things in past AZs for their input. If you're new and want to be a group leader in the future, start scouting now. The more knowledge you have, the better prepared you will be. And be mindful of the new location change. No areas near the ballrooms! It is best to avoid that floor to get your shoot confirmed.

Here's an image I found and labeled some popular locations for you.

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