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Cool, hope you'll enjoy the cos. It's more or less easy to make if you already have a purple wig.
Hope you'll manage. I know about money problems very well. Currently very short of money tool ^^''. But at least I've got most things bought till the end of May now.


XD Can’t say I’m unhappy to hear this .

Of course not. TYL for example is nearly pure fanservice. At least regarding the artworks xD.

I try to work hard. But very often I’m out of time -.- And don’t get everything finished or have to rush. Just when I got a compliment regarding accuracy and crafting… well… I messed up a little with Rin’s sword from Ao no Exorcist now. And it’s still bothering me now how to make the handle, now that I have postponed it a little (meaning 2 weeks ^^'')… Sorry off-topic.

I’m trying to do my best considering that I’ve only got a week now till I want to wear Lal ^^’’. The top is nearly finished except for some holes and crude decorative stitching… Fun to make btw xD. It’s really something if you mustn’t hem a shirt xD.

And the boxes are finished too, just have to fix some paint spots… The headphones or what that is, she wears with her goggles are except for the red colour in the middle finished too…
Tomorrow going to try to dye the cape. Never dyed before, hope it’ll just go fine ^^’’.
And trying to make the gorilla protector on her shoulder or the gun at her arm… Most likely rather the gorilla cause for the gun I might still lack a piece I need… Although I feel better about the gun currently ^^’’.
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