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@Tulipe: Yeah, who needs to do homework and study? ;-P Every weekend I have to do a lab report due at 11:59pm Saturday. It's kind of frustrating pacing myself to do it because I guess I don't know how where to balance it between my job and my other schoolwork. Strangely enough, so far, the only report where I felt like I managed my time most wisely, I got the lowest score on. Lame.

I kind of skimmed through it again, but I'm sure I only see Teddy in the past scenes, not anywhere in the future. Or was he just mentioned and never really shown? Maybe I should actually try to read it instead of skimming over it. xD;;

When I look them up I see two characters: our Miss America and another one who's named Madeline Frank. But, for some reason, I feel like someone mentioned that a Miss America CHAVEZ already existed, not just a Miss America. But I'm not sure if I see evidence of that anywhere (though, to be honest, I didn't look that hard).

Exactly. So, each Hulk pretty much so far only starred in one movie. You could easily forget who the actor was. But with RDJ is much more established. Yeah, I was actually unfamiliar with the legal shenanigans involving X-Men until now. The MCU is not an film version Earth-616 but rather it's own Earth, so they could even change a character's history (kind of like on TV, the version of the Scarlet Witch seems so much different in X-Men Evolution o_O). But, how much can you change without upsetting the fans?

Going to happen? Like, if they're going to exist or if we're going to see them in the comic? XD *confused* They don't show us much of the universe where Kate is genderbent on the cover. You can see Prodigy's chin and that's about it, and that doesn't seem to be enough to tell if he was genderbent too, but maybe that's just me.

Actually, it was my fault (I made a typo above). For some reason, when I use Paypal outside of eBay, Paypal provides the seller with a different address without the apartment number (I ordered everything else as well so I had to frantically check to make sure they had the right address). Everything I bought on eBay used the address with my apartment number, but Paypal gave EpicCosplay the address that didn't have it (but they still had the right address because I still had to provide it myself, thank goodness). It's really weird that the address without my apartment number was confirmed though since I think that, in order to have a confirmed address, you need to have a package successfully sent there.

And, yeah. I don't think I'll have Kid Loki by Phoenix Comicon since I pretty much ordered everything and I think that'll take more time. Buttt... the artist for the X-Men comic I'm excited about is going to be there too, so maybe I can have Jubilee ready by then.

I'm kind of camera-shy so I'd probably only use Skype to chat. x_X


"The MCU is not an film version Earth-616 but rather it's Earth," should be "The MCU is not an film version Earth-616 but rather it's own Earth,"

Anddd... looking at YA #8, I guess you can see part of Prodigy's chest, and it seems like he's still a guy in the genderbent Kate universe...

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