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@Link: Bubbles only if you get it done

@Hearth: Nope. Not like I go to school in order to learn things and do homework or anything. xD That always happens. When you think you do well, you do badly and when you think you do badly you do well. I try not to be confident in anything anymore.

Uhhh. There’s like a single panel where older Billy shows up. And he’s dressed up like Doctor Strange/ Sorcerer Supreme. It’s like the very last part because if I remember correctly they’re talking about something happening to Billy? They’re telling Nate something along those longs and then Billy pops up after he disappears.

I search for Miss America and there are two different girls, yes. But if you go through the America Chavez link there are two different versions of her, both called Miss America as far as I can tell. One that is older (year wise, not age) with a very awkward outfit.

I think after Avengers people would notice if the Hulk wasn’t Mark Ruffalo. xD He kind of made a name for himself. Plus the Edward Norton run of Hulk came out before most of the other movies. And it’s definitely older, so a lot of people just see it as the movie with that other Hulk. But now that a lot of Marvel comic book characters are getting movies, more people are going to take notice, I think. But still, RDJ has pretty much created a place for himself as Iron man. My mother who doesn’t know anything about comic books says that he’s her favorite part about the movies. So lots of people kind of watch them FOR RDJ. I think they’d try to keep their history as much as possible. I mean, with Rogue she still had Ms. Marvel in her head during X-men Evolution. Or was that the 90’s cartoon? I kind of liked how Wanda was in Evolution, but I liked Pietro better. He’s such a little shit. 8D
Like, I don’t want it to actually happen? Does that make sense? Looking into alternate universes is fine. But I don’t want one where Billy looks like a scary ‘scene’ (is this the right term?) kid. It just doesn’t remind me of Billy. Maybe it’s just like a million and two alternate universes and none of them are actually in the same alternate universe? I don’t know??
Oh. That’s weird…

I’m so excited to get Billy done, you don’t even know. I lost my Kate though. :[ So we won’t have a full YA group anymore… But I’m still excited. I can’t wait to epically battle kid Loki too! O_O Or cry- we’ll see how the new YA plays out. I keep forgetting I need to make Rogue’s boots.

Oooo. I don’t use Skype for the video chat. Just to chat-chat. We're starting to write short stories here. xD

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