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Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
Calm your spazziness! Don't faint! XD And hopefully you do be Fredrick and his snazziness! *_*

I want to cosplay Labrys too but her battle axe scares me so much.
I can't though! It's just too overpowering for me as a fangirl! :V And you can always do her human form without the axe. That's what I'm gonna do. Just gotta reuse my Rise cosplay and then get a wig for Labrys and BAM I'm done. XD

Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Weeeellllll **Sretches**
This thread has been wicked busy lol
Anyway onto why I'm posting. I will no longer be cosplaying Minato. In fact I'm selling it. Bye Minato!!
Awwww I dunno why but reading this made me sad actually. ;w;

Originally Posted by seiryuux View Post
I decided to have a little fun at an Anime North warmup and dressed up as Agent Suit Souji/Yu.
OMG that's so fab. XD

So I need your help again guys, this time regarding shoes for Rise. What did you all end up using/getting?
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