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@Hearth: I think that's the story of life, really. xD

He was a cute little Sorcerer Supreme. I'm still convinced that little one-shot exists only to confuse the heck out of people.

Right? Her new outfit is very adorable, the other one was a bit trashy. >_>

I would hope so! I enjoyed Mark Ruffalo's Hulk. I liked how socially awkward and uncomfortable he was. Not JUST a bottle of angst. Which is what I thought of with Edward Norton's. I liked Liv Tyler as Betty Ross though. I wonder if they'll bring back any Betty Ross. Or just do what they did with Jane and just be like "she's doing stuff, couldn't make it"

Was it? I remember a scene where Mystique disguised takes Rogue to a hospital room. And they just talk about her powers for a bit. They don't really come out and say it's Ms. Marvel I don't think. Or even give the lady a name. I thought it was Evolution because I didn't get that far in the rewatch of the 90s cartoon. But it's highly possible I got further than I think. xD I will trust you! Now all you really get of Wanda is a depressed woman trying to make up for House of M. Which is kind of like Billy after Children's Crusade and please let's not make Billy a carbon copy of Wanda. Please. Please. Pietro is my favorite little shit. XD

I wish I could join you about JiM but I've never read any of it. So I don't know what's going on. True their appearances would be much different, but I still don't want to see it on Billy! Ha.

True. Have a while to find a new Kate. :] And lots of people want to be Kate. Well, up to volume 8 at least he's still on the cover with all of them. And Tommy isn't. Boo. Some people think maybe he went to change himself from 'existence' with Billy's magic. So I guess if he did that and went back to them, none of them would remember all the bad things he did and would maybe trust him easier?

Nonono. I didn't mean literal short stories. I mean with the length of our responses to each other on the thread increasing it looks like we're writing short stories instead of just comments. Just a joke~ And with Skype we wouldn't necessarily have to try to keep on topic. Group chats~
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