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I'm so excited for Costume Con 32! I've only been to the recent one in New Jersey, and I was a little disappointed by the lack of hands-on workshops there. For example, the wings workshop showed some great finished projects, but no in-progress photos or other visual breakdowns on how they were made. The sewing machine specialty feet workshop was interesting, but there was no way to try anything out, just passing around the feet and in some cases showing the finished project. It would be cool to actually let people try out a ruffle foot, as it's a very intimidating-looking item! (It did inspire me to buy one right after the convention, lol)

The ease / patterning workshops sound great. I'm always up for a workshop (or 2, or 3) on specialty makeup, mold-making & casting, embroidery machines, integrating electronics into costumes, how to use specialty equipment (it seems like laser cutting, 3-D printing and pepakura are growing in popularity, but how do you break into that?)

I always enjoy talking to the veterans of costuming- how did you put a group together before the internet? How did the ICG come into existence? Where do you think it's all headed?
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