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I desperately want to cosplay this. How.

Reference 1 Reference 2

Okay so I want to cosplay a mix between these two designs. I was thinking about using a long-sleeved top and leggings in grey, but I don't think that will work. I need the mask to fit mostly well and to be able to take it on and off at will. It'd be nice if it was also a helmet.

The main parts I need to get are the chest piece, the stomach part, the legs and the arms. I was thinking of making some kind of gauntlet thing for the arms. Oh, and the feet are pretty important too.

Also, did I mention? I need to make it out of a decent material. I've seen a good few cosplays made from mostly cardboard then covered in something and having some strong thing inside, so I was thinking of doing that? Help?
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