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ADVICE: anime characters for dark-skinned and muslim cosplayers

Hello! ^U^

I really want my friend (she's muslim) to cosplay but she, well, both of us don't know exactly who she can cosplay as. I read a thread this site had about this topic but its from 2008 so I would like fresh ideas if anyone could give me.

-I would like ideas of anime characters for those who are dark-skinned like tan/golden brown. Gender doesn't matter but my friend and I are both girls just to let you know. (I'm not muslim so I also need help with this so this doesn't apply for suggestion below)

-I would also like ideas of anime characters that can suit a muslim girl because with THESE might help me make the cosplays for my friend that she can wear at a conventions w/o any problems she can have with it or anybody else who are religious.

Photo references/links will be a great help too.

Thanks! XD

*If this bothers/offends anybody, please do not comment below! This is for those who are serious and want to help!*
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