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Originally Posted by Pheasants View Post
I know going to the 'eye doctor' or optician can be expensive, but what you could try is this:
Some opticians, if you go in and ask for 'blank' or plano contact lenses will give you a set free, so you could get these, which will have all the size/shape details on them.

But- I recognize the brands you currently have, and I have used them when my circle lenses have been lost/had not arrived in time, and they fit me and my spec is the same as those you are looking at on pinky paradise, so if they fit fine, the PP should be fine.

But do remember to clean them, clean the case, and change the case every three months.

(Before anyone asks I have glasses, from the 'eye doctor' and have been fitted and measured for contact lenses, and wear them more often than glasses)
Alright, I was just concerned about the brand and size really..If the brands not trusted, majority of my contacts are going out the window. I won't use something that'll shrivel up my eye, ya know?

I've seen alot about Pinky paradise so I decided to try a pair out from there...Quick question, people always say "Circle lenses" like theres another kind? I've only seen/used circle contacts but saw a cosplay pair that were squared shape?
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