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Hellsing Alucards Demon Form.

Okay So I've not seen anyone try this. So I'm gonna take a shot.

Anyone who has seen the series knows Alucard and most who cosplay do the Red Robes and Guns. Which is all fine and dandy. But I want to doBlack straight Jacket And Demon Dog heads

The Biggest issue I was having was figuring out what I could use for pants till a friend pointed out when he first met Integra he was In full straight Jacket

So now my issues as I see them are A. How do I get such Pointy shoulders in the costume. and B.How would I get the straps. Should I sew them in place? Or maybe make them separately and snap them in place?. and C. Does anyone know where I could get some kind of pattern? If its somewhere else in the forum that I haven't spotted then feel free to scold me and point me in the right direction please

The Dog Head/s I plan to do on a stick a puppeteer trick I've seen done before
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