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Originally Posted by Kohppa View Post
I've got 3 questions~ Please excuse me if they've already been asked.

#1 - Is there a pdf schedule out yet that's in timetable format like they've had for the past few years? I can't find one on their website.

#2 - Cosplay registration...if you're not doing any of the competitions, do you have to register your cosplay or can you just show up in it no problem? This is my first time cosplaying and I don't wanna get in trouble for not following rules.

#3 - What's the drama surrounding this year's con? I heard that people are upset at A-kon this year because it's dropping the ball some how. I've been 3 times and each time it was super amazing...what's different this time?

1. They did answer that in the tweet. However, if they can get it out sooner they usually will.

2. Nope. You only need to register for competitions. Otherwise, just show up in cosplay and have a blast.

3. There is drama every year. For every con. Anywhere. It's just one of those things. The convention is what you make of it
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