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Haha, Booker is not really that manly. His face is actually pretty neutral in that it's not overly masculinized by testosterone or anything. Which is good news, I suppose ?

For the facial hair, one thing you need to remember is that even if it's sparse there's hair still under the skin unless the person waxed their face. For this reason you want to apply some blue or grey colour to the areas of the face that would have "beard shadow" on them - this will go a LONG way.

Depending on how realistic you want to get you could get away with using a stipple brush over the aforementioned shadow since he's just pretty scruffy, not beard-y.

Using real hair can work pretty well, but I would want to cut it shorter and use more of it, still over a shadow base. Like really tiny itty-bitty bits.

I'd make your eyebrows wider vertically, and make them messier. You want to get them "flatter" and down more around the brow ridge.

Have you done any contouring with your makeup ?

I'm not a huge fan of the pants, maybe it's the angle but to me they're emphasising the hips. Unfortunately, pleats are just not really flattering in pants when it comes to wanting to look more masculine - for the majority of people, at least. Is this all going to be in the final costume, or just what you're working with for these pictures ?
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