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Originally Posted by Lyssykins View Post
Hi everyone! I will be there as Mami with my Madoka, Homura, and Kyoko lovies~ I'm super excited to see all of the different cosplayers and all the unique ways we chose to tackle the design! That's definitely one of my favourite things about photoshoots, seeing the same costume done by different sets of eyes.

I'm finished with my costume now but I feel like something's missing. My bodice isn't laying as flat as I wanted T.T I've used a faux leather fabric, with buckrum where the grommets are so they don't pull. Is there anything I could put beneath it or maybe a better way of lacing it up so that it's not as crinkly?

I also can't decide how to do my make up. I'm waaay too indecisive when it comes to finishing touches. : ( What do you guys think Mami would wear?
Mami has a very neutral color scheme anyways, so what I personally go with is a gold color on the lid and a medium brown color on the outer corner and through the crease, and I highlight the inner corner and browbone with white light shimmer... then white on the waterline, black slightly winged eyeliner, mascara and natural-looking false lashes, and a set of 3 short individual lashes on the bottom outer corner...
For blush I use a light peach blush, I contour my nose a little with some slightly darker then skintone powder (I do this for ALL cosplays) and then I use a peachy pink gloss on the lips...
I do have to do extensive makeup on my eyebrows because they are black and bushy even with plucking but that's a story for another time XP
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