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Originally Posted by Boreotheria View Post
Oh geez. I just saw a commercial pattern that has something very similar in the sleeves. What the heck was it. Hang on, gotta go look for it.

ETA: got it! Simplicity 1773.
That actually looks like it might help a lot, I'll have to pick that up when I get a chance, because I sure cannot make patterns by myself. Although I think my circle skirt went pretty well :P

Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
1. Underlayer that is a structurally sound piece that will fit to the arm and not move around (affixed with elastic, sock glue, et cetera).

2. Red layer. This is puffed out at the top either through shaping seams or gathering - it's sewn at the top and under the puff to the underlayer, which it then follows until you make the ruffle layer.

3. The black layer. This is the same as #2, but you have black strips over the puff. You can use the gold "tacks" to attach it as shown or sew and make that decorative. In order to not slide down, blind stitch/tack the black layer to the ones under it under the puff area so it doesn't pull down and droop. The rest is like above, only smaller ruffle.

The ruffles are probably circles of fabric or fabric that has been box-pleated - either should work and look good.
See this is what I was thinking, where I had elastic around the top and at the middle around the elbow piece, and that I had a red puffy layer and black strips over it like you were suggesting, and then of course a pleated layer for the bottom bits. But I wasn't sure if I was just guessing it wrong or if maybe I was actually getting a knack for guessing how to make things by looking at them. Although I didn't think about putting a 'sleeve' on the inside that actually might make things easier now that I think about it. Thank you
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