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Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
I would just let this person pick their own costume - she will know best what she will be comfortable wearing.

She can pick pretty much anything. If she wants to pick a character with a similar skin tone, okay ! If not, okay ! A hijab or such can be worked into pretty much any costume - and alterations can be made to a costume to not show skin. I'd just let her pick whatever she LIKES and would WANT to do and then brainstorm "how can we make this work" ?
I understand what you're trying to say. But she asked for my help since she's nervous and doesn't have time and i really want to find something that she can be okay with and not offend people. I just want some starting ideas and from there, yeah. Before, we had a conversation about wearing wigs and turns out that was a no-no since it would be considered her hair and from there i got stumped of what cosplays she can do...Yep. I already have a list but the characters are from old animes so im wondering if any of the new ones have characters that can be work out, like magi. ^^
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