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Originally Posted by SparkyCat13 View Post
Thanks to a bunch of things accumulating, I'm not gonna be able to make my Jellal costume in time. I did the best I could, but not having any sewing classes, I finally reached my limit with making the coat. I managed to make the pants, but they ended up being too small, so I'd have to completely re-do them as well. Super depressed about this. I was looking forward to cosplaying him.

Now I gotta find something fairly easy to put together last minute....
I feel the same way. Hopefully within the next week I'll finish Yue, leaving me about three weeks to attempt to draft Erza. (Not a hard costume, but I have finals in two weeks, so time is lacking.) Even if I finish the robe, I won't have the bisento unless some miraculous cosplay elves find me a TARDIS. (And an extra person to carry around filming equipment, lol.) I'm trying to scrounge up things to throw together last minute cosplay stuff...

There's actually a really solid pants pattern--I think McCall makes it--called Perfect Fit. They have a tailored slacks version and an elastic waistband version with instructions on how to alter them as needed. Great stuff, and highly recommended.
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