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Well, guess who forgot her computer cord for her dying computer? This genius right here. I guess I do get to experience the joy of writing out a long post on a phone. Yay!

I think seeing Billy as the Sorcerer Supreme was probably the best part of the one-shot. Because he looked so awesome! So, that kind of made up for the confusion, I think.

No kidding. Not mention that the artist seemed to draw her with such ridiculous anatomy. I have a hard time enjoying comics where the females are drawn with strange anatomy. It is one of the things that really put me off Captain Marvel, unfortunately. In some panels of the first issue, her breasts seem impossibly large and they seem to be connected to her collarbones. I dubbed them "balloon boobs." Not to mention Captain America looked like a Skrull on one of the panels, haha. I wish the interior art was as good as the cover art.

I think there was an episode where Rogue and Ms. Marvel pretty much fought for control over Rogue's mind. So, I do believe they do identify who Ms. Marvel is at some point. Yeah, I don't think Rogue ever has Ms. Marvel's powers in Evolution, and That plot line was never brought in. since Tommy kind of mirrors Pietro, I guess Billy mirrors Wanda. But the writers do need to establish them as their own characters and not just copies. So, hopefully they will look into the traits that set Billy apart from his mom, yes.

If you're interested, you can borrow my JiM collection when you get back. I have all the individual issues and the collections.

I think Kate's outfit on the latest issue is pretty popular, and it seems easy to do? I really hope he sticks around for awhile And it sounds to me that Tommy will only join the team once-in-awhile. :/ Loki pretty much came back as a boy for that reason. I guess you can say one of the themes in JiM is "change." So, that's kind of one of my theories. That he wants to be able to change somehow. The other theory is a bit more spoilery, I think. XD

Haha! I am so sorry. I took you so literally. Must have been really tired when I responded.

@Ose: I don't think there is a difference, but there are probably other factors that need to be considered such as the diameter of your eye and the... Base curve? I forget what the term is. I don't know if your prescription includes those factors so you might want to make sure.

I got my wig in the mail... And I have no clue how to wear it. I guess I need a hairnet? And I suppose I need to learn how to style these things, too.
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