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@Ose: I honestly, would recommend against contacts. I know a lot of people wear them to be 'accurate' but unless someone gets really up in your face or you're doing a photoshoot that shows off your eyes people aren't going to notice it much. Especially if your characters have regular colored eyes. Unless, I suppose you need contacts anyway when cosplaying. They're uncomfortable, and an extra expense for such a minor detail. I mean, if you're cosplaying at a convention you're already going to be uncomfortable so why add to that factor? However, if you're going to get them yes they go based on your prescription.

@Hearth: I always hated that! Especially at work. When I had to sit there for nine hours computerless I was just so upset.

Yes. It's kind of a hopeful thing too like. One day he'll get it right and his powers won't be berserk and things will be happy. Unless we're saying it's an 'alternate universe' thing and ignoring all of it in the new YA. Then I'm sad. xD

Right? Anatomy to show of the breasts at the very least. I don't know how anyone could superhero in that outfit! I saw the stuff for Captain Marvel and I really wanted to read it.. But I can't do the art. I can't.

I'm mixing up all my cartoons. xD One day I'll have to go back and watch it and figure out where I made the mistake.. But today is not that day. I just remember in Evolution Rogue's powers going bonkers after a while. And she had to be calmed and everything. I liked Evolution I think they should have kept going with it. They tried to do a bunch of storylines at the end and it didn't quite work. Tommy mirrors Pietro in more ways than I thought, but at the same time I can see Tommy being DIFFERENT. With Billy they're kind of making him do the same things and have the same story. Creating an alternate universe where she can have something she wants (her children) with Vision. Chaos magic. Potentially wiping out a bunch of people. Give him his own story.

Really? 8D Thanks! I'd love to. You can borrow anything of mine too though I don't know if I have anything you haven't read. Ha.

It's sad that they won't bring Tommy back permanently. At least not yet. I love his character so much and he tries so hard to be tough when he's just a sweetie, secretly of course. We'll see Loki, we'll see.

Aww. It's okay. I understand. Getting towards the end of the semester and all~

A wig newbie?! Yay! Okay well, with wigs it really depends on how long your hair is and what ways you are comfortable wearing it up. Because all your hair is gonna be pinned to your head. I have hair that reaches my lower back so wigs can be a pain. Always, always use a wig cap. Some wig places will actually send you one with the wig. Some people are picky with colors like if it matches the wig, or if it matches your own hair, but I've never bothered with that. I have extra, unused, wig caps if you need one but you can usually pick them up at any beauty store, I'd also suggest a wig head if you're going to style. They're Styrofoam and like $3 or something. Use pins, I use my sewing pins actually, to pin the wig to the head. What you'll need to put on your wig is: Wig cap, hair spray, bobby pins, and hair ties. What I do is put my hair into two low pigtails, some people do braids, to separate and hopefully make it even on both sides. Then I wrap the hair around the top of my head, the two pigtails going opposite ways. Pin them to the top of your head first, THEN go back and pin the back. Use as many bobby pins as you feel is necessary to keep it good and down, but also remember the wig will help with some of that so don't pin yourself so you'll get a headache. I usually use about four-six bobby pins depending on how my hair is cooperating. Once it's pinned to my head I add the wig cap. I prefer the nettled ones. When it's on my head- there's a number of ways to put these on it all depends on you. make sure you have all the little loose pieces. Don't worry if some pops out of your pins, it'll happen throughout the day anyway. Then take some hairspray and spray around the edges to get those loose guys down, and to hopefully make sure it doesn't slip up too much during the day. This is especially helpful for short wigs because I have problems with the tiny peach fuzz hairs popping out at the back of my neck. Then, you are ready to put the wig on! Make sure to line it up, there are two points on each side that are supposed to sit in front of your ears kind of like side burns. Make sure it's set and you're done! Some people like to pin the wigs to their heads too but I don't find that necessary unless you have a long/ heavy wig. :] I'm sure everyone else might have different techniques, but that's how I do it and I've had a few people asking if my wigs were real hair. I'd help more if I could, I've had to put wigs on a few of my friends, but I am not in California. xD

For styling- ask Ayaasan. xD She's good with wigs.

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