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Originally Posted by DTJAAAAM View Post
Had a great time taking photos on Saturday and Sunday, and feel the con has improved since last year. Here are a couple hundred shots I've uploaded from Saturday so far. The rest should be up tonight, then I'll begin Sunday's collection:

C2E2 2013
::: makes gimmie hands ::: your turn around times never cease to amaze me.

C2e2 was super legit this year, although the panel offerings overall could have been a little better IMO. Guest wise, no problems, and artists alley this year was super great.

And while there was no shortage of photos of me, I was Hawkeye (comics) on Friday, Cyclops (Marvel NOW!) on Saturday and Sunday, so if you got anything, holla at me. Also, if you swung by my cosplay panel on Saturday and got in, awesome, thanks, and if you got locked out, sorry
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