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It seems we all are feeling some serious pains right now. I think for me, it would be best to slowly work on my Caterina costume, and if it gets done great, if not, I will perfect it and debut it whenever it's where I really want it to be. But Celydon, we will have to hunt each other down if you finish Erza (actually, we just actually need to meet since we've seen each other on forums forever and never met in person^^). And if I get to where I know for a fact I won't be finishing Caterina, I will repair my corset for Madam Red and wear that again because I love my Madam Red costume, and then I can maybe try to get Honekoneko made for Stocking. And there is a chance my brother's girlfriend (and maybe my brother) will want to don our xxxHolic costumes that we didn't finish in time for A-kon last year but wore at Anime Blues Con in Memphis two weeks later. We will be minus Himawari because my friend is in Japan right now, but we could have Yuuko, Watanuki, and Doumeki if they want to wear them.
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