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Originally Posted by Prisca712 View Post
Apologies for briefly going off topic - but HOLY CRAP that sounds amazing!! Is there a video of this by any chance?

Regarding the OP's question: CapsuleCorp and Empress of Squee gave some great advice. They're right - reveals definitely go over well with masquerade audiences and can add sizzle to a performance. The main thing that came to mind when I saw your question was this:

IMO they totally nail it - they managed to do it in an artful, visually interesting way (note the super-colourful ninjas and backdrop!), the costume was something that was layered (and therefore came off easily), and the overall 'flow' made sense and added up to a really cool end result.

Here's another example from the same group:

Good luck! Quick change is definitely something you don't see very often in masquerades, so this could be really neat
Right. Going to need more stage ninjas.

Originally Posted by Devkyu View Post
Another hilarious quick-change I've seen is from a Panty and Stocking skit done at Otakon:

They manage to get out of the second layer in under 8 seconds and also incorporate it into the skit in a comical way.
Kind of what I had originally thought.
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