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Originally Posted by Clockwork_Ducky View Post
What is actual process/requirements for being in the parade? Or is this something that should be skipped for one's first Dragon*con? I hear a lot of people talking about "yes, join us!" - but I thought there were a limited number of parade badges?
Follow the above link to sign up. I did the parade my first D*C and had a great time. I can't imagine anything more fun, to be honest. Then again, I really, really, really, really like getting up in front of people, and the parade gave me a chance to do that. I don't see a good reason to skip it your first year. Just, when you first arrive at the con, walk down to where the parade route begins so that you don't get lost on Saturday morning.

There is a limited number of participants in the parade, supposedly, but I've never seen them actually enforce it. They DO enforce a strict cutoff date for requesting parade ribbons, so you'll need to sign up through the Prydon Academy group or on the Dragon*Con Parade Yahoo! Group as soon as you know you're doing it.

All of that said, I do want to let everyone know that my husband, who is an EXCELLENT Second and Fifth Doctor, is doing the parade with me, but he's not sure which of those costumes will be in higher demand during the parade (basically, what won't we have enough of come Dragon*Con?). As I'm going to be Jamie, I'd love to have him to... er... grope... but I'm willing to be unselfish if we really need a Fivey.
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