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Hi everyone! I'm not super active in the forums but I thought I'd post here since I've entered the world of Disney cosplay. When my friend made Belle's blue dress for a recent con, I wanted to join her as Ariel, but I didn't have time to make a legit costume and so just threw together Ariel's sail dress:

For such a lazy costume (though granted, I did put some work into it), it's been pretty popular, haha. I tried to make it kind of realistic and used canvas drop cloth, rope, and real starfish.

More pics:
Me with my friend as Belle - Unfortunately I didn't realize that my wig was riding up... grr. Need to fix those bangs!
Here's a better photo of the wig (in natural lighting) - Of course it looks better in my house...
Hipster Ariel! - The first night of the con was really cold and rainy, so I did this instead, haha.

Anyway, I'm currently working on her "Kiss the Girl" dress. I'm using Simplicity 6480 for the corset, and am almost done with it - it's easier than I expected. Though I've decided to add lacing (in the back) instead of a zipper (originally on the side), since I think I may have made it a tad too small.

I wanted to make it navy blue, but we're lacking in fabric stores around here, so I went with a black cotton with a subtle flower pattern on it. The center V doesn't look too great (not sure why - I thought I followed the pattern correctly..), so I'm adding a bit of ribbon to better define the shape.

Think that looks okay? I'm not sure what to put in the center to cover the ribbon ends. Maybe a black rose or something?

I'm not entirely sure what to use for the blouse and skirt. For the blouse I started with New Look 6891, but I ran into some issues getting rid of the front and back seams (I kind of suck at altering patterns). I saw mention of Simplicity 4097 (with altered neckline) on here, so I might try that, or maybe McCall M6509. I was going to try a circle skirt or half circle skirt, but apparently I don't have enough fabric for either, so... I'm tempted to use the skirt from Simplicity 6480. Think that would work? Or is it too short/not full enough?
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