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Originally Posted by HelloKittyQueen View Post

Sorry for the super stupid pose and stuff. I don't usually take pictures of all of my hair >////<
But yeah, I leave my hair down most of the time but I also do french braids, ponytails, twintails, and on rare occasions I curl it!
O_O Oh gosh, my hair used to be this long. I hated having to deal with it all, and it just wasn't 'me'. I chopped it all off years ago and it desperately needs a cut atm XD basically it looks like the wig I used in my Russia cosplay. Sometimes I style it a bit but its too out of control for that right now :/ I'm too broke to get it cut, and I would cut it myself seeing how I actually did a wonderful job last time...but I'm worried that was just a fluke and I'll destroy it if I try again lol.

I dye it platinum (which used to be my natural colour...damn you age!! Now its a darker blonde T_T) and plan on going pure white next. Maybe I'll post here again once I decide on a new style~
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