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Originally Posted by HareyuNanami View Post
WELP! I am going to try and throw together a Magical Girl Madoka cosplay for the Saturday!~
Problem though!
I dont know where to buy a wig to get here on time! Does anyone know a good place where I can get one?
Also the shoes and socks owo
Any advice would be great! =D
Saw your posts on two threads so i'll combine everything here:

I recently finished Magical Girl Madoka
The wig, shoes and socks I bought on ebay for various prices and they arrived in a couple weeks, if you bought immediately you might be able to get them on time (hopefully)
You can also check out payless they have cute red shoes that are simialr to madoka's but not as lolita, then just add some red ribbon and done.

As for the gradient effect on the skirt, I skipped it, so can't help you there. Though I've read some people airbrush it on.

I myself am having issues with my petti, I'm re-using an old Halloween one, I feel it's not poofy enough, Rufflebutt had a great tutorial on how she made hers, you can check it out here:

For the bodice I used Simplicity pattern 4015, It gave me the general shape of the poofy sleeves and bodice, that I could then modify the zipper to the side, in order to add the back heart. I also used the skirt pattern from the package for the white skirt but added an extra piece to add poof, might look better as a circle skirt than the rectangle piece they give. The petals I patterned with newspaper to get right.

Hopefully, I was able to help you somewhat, and hope to see you at the saturday photoshoot!
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