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Want to make Naruto Jacket

Hey guys !
After looking around, I have found no Naruto Jackets that meet my requirments, so I figured I would make one myself.

here is a reference picture:

I will be using a black track/jogging jacket as my base.
I plan to sew on the orange fabric, and buy an uzumaki swirl and patch to sew on.
My big problem though, has been finding a suitable track jacket as my base.
I would like it to, of course, have the turtle neck on top, and gather on the bottom. I would also like it to have a white metalish zipper.
All of them I find either have logos, or don't gather.
Does anyone know where I can find a suitable jacket? Direct links? Or maybe wholesale stores that sell these?

Here is the jacket I was thinking of using..
(I am not sure if they are able to make it without their logo stuff, that is my big problem. So probably won't use this..)

Thanks a lot !
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