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I honestly like these costumes more than the Lord of the Rings ones, probably because these ones take more risks even if they sometimes fail because of it (and they have somewhat of an advantage in being able to present diversity).

This? Or from the books ?

My first order of business if from the TV Series would be going nuts and taking a lot of screen-shots from every angle possible to get the best idea of what's going on. I think she has a few similar dresses although I've never paid particular attention to her costumes since I'm not working on one of them - I'd pick which one and focus on that.

This one is a bit different from the one above although they're similar.

It looks fairly similar to the silhouette of the dresses that other women on the show wear - fitted bodice and sleeves that bell at the elbow and a fairly full skirt - looks like the fullness is concentrated in the back.

Before I go crazy with writing I'll just confirm with you which costume you're interested in.

Edit :

I'm so excited, I think my mom just agreed to do a Lady Stoneheart (if you don't know don't look that up because spoilers for things that haven't happened in the TV series yet) costume on the grounds that I would do a Jon Snow costume because I guess she loves him.

I'm still freaking out and waving my arms going "IT WOULD BE SO COOL".

I don't want her to do something she doesn't want to, though so if she isn't as excited as I am I'll help her with one of Daenerys' costumes instead. :P
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