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I was beginning to lose hope on cosplaying this year (super depressing), but my awesome friend came up with a great idea that saved the day. It's quick, easy, and cheap. It just involves sweatpants and t-shirts that I get to design on with fabric paint. And both of us can even use our own hair for our characters, which is a big plus.

We're gonna go as Chihaya and Kana-chan from Chihayafuru. Has anyone heard of it/seen it/read it? XD I feel like it's not as well known, but it's a good series! For those that have seen it, we're gonna be doing the outfits with the team/club t-shirts that say "Caruta" on the front and have the school's kanji on the back.

Really looking forward to A-kon! I'm beyond excited.
~*~A-Kon 2013 Cosplay~*~
Kana-chan (Chihayafuru)
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