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Do Not Buy From Hello Cosplay

I bought a costume (premade) from hello copsplay on march 13th. I asked before ordering if it would be ready before mid april. they said yes.
I waited till end of april until i lost it on them and they finally shipped out my items. I knew i would have to do some work on my costume to fit me perfectly and thats why i wanted it earlier.
when i did get it i got a size medium instead of small. on top of that all the accessories where not as shown in the picture online, no broach all was plastic sticky gems and plastic roses.
All the parts to the costume (with exception of broach) where enclosed but not attached. I was meant to sew it on myself. I payed 180 after duty and shipping, I should not have to sew my costume together with dollar store finds.
i bought shoes too! they came very quickly and thought i was pleased with them. ( even though color and ribbon where different from picture) the glue is coming apart and fraying. i only tried it on once and left them in the box.

I am extremely displeased they strung me along telling me that the costume is on it's way ect. and they didn't ship it out till last saturday of april. It took only 3 days to get here. but was already passed the 45 day paypal rule. so i could not get a refund.
The people at hello cosplay, after i submitted the false advertising picture along with my picture, agreed to p[ay only $50 back which i agreed to. knowing that they are difficult. they lied and still have not payed me my refund!

I want to warn all of you that the pictures on their website are not the same quality clothing they distribute! i waited so long and dealt with the unprofessionalism because of those pictures! i have spoken to other cosplayers and apparently their wigs are as good as anyone elses but they struggle with the same issue about shipping out and unprofessional emails. lets buy our wigs from people who aren't crooks and save our money for costumes that are as they appear (even if they look less appealing than those on hello cosplay).

if you wish to see comparrison pictures contact me i have them!

again have safe time buying online! and remember when using paypal , get a refun if your item does not come withing 45 days of purchase. i wish i was warned XD

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