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Uhm hey... again I'm looking for more ideas... as I always am*I'm so needy sorry* but anywhos here we go. After I post I'm going to look back and add on some suggestions for others no fear
I'm also feeling bleh self-esteem wise so yeah...

Height: 5'5"
Build: Athletic/average?/Nice legs*according to friends*/Flat chested
Hair Color: Red
Length: to chest
Wigs?: YES <3
Eyecolor: Green to blue/gray
Contacts?: Yes
Willing to Crossplay?: Yes
My face is very dynamic with make up as anyones can be but here are some pics of me from costumes and the last one is just real life one tada

Some Previous Cosplays: Peatrice(Legend of Zelda), Marill(pokemon), Mystogan(Fairy Tail), Shizuka Hio(Vampire Knight),Maria Kurenai(Vampire Knight), Euphemia Li Britannia(Code Geass), Azula(Avatar)

Thinking for some: Len(Meltdown, Vocaloid), Honey (Ouran High Host club), Pokemon Ranger Girl(blue haired), Riza Hawkeye (FMA)

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