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Got a decent about done last night posted up pictures of my woes on FB. I think I am getting closer to happy with the new guard for Sylvanas. Trying to think of a way to make this one more durable against people. Haven't but I really should finish of the sewing for Venus so I can focus on her props. And I am planning for this Sunday to be crazy mass sanding day, my back will hate me. I have lots to sand on the bow and armor for Sylvanas, goggles need sanding for Sailor V, Nayru's Lyre will need another sanding coat by then... It's just gonna suck then touch ups, priming, and painting for the next week. Also I may break down and use the worbla for Sailor V's chest piece this simple armor is really boggling me, I might be over thinking it...

Tonight is gym carving the armor, adding more gesso to the bow guard and doing a bit more cleaning up for this weekends crazy work fest. Which will only be interrupted for a few hours for a graduation and birthday event. I won't be completely out of progress for the whole of it as I am bringing some hand stitching for the graduation ceremony. =) I'm that guy.
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