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What cosplay would suit me most?


So I'm totally new to cosplaying but I've always wanted to do it. So with the Manchester Comic Con coming up, me and my friend decided we'd do a cosplay as this was our chance and we have time to prepare. I think she's set on going as Vocaloid's Luka and I said I'd cosplay Miku with her. But I'm really unsure I'd suit the bright blue/turquoise/green whatever wig!
I love Vocaloid and would love to cosplay someone from the Vocaloids but I'm not sure who else apart from Miku. Also, if I were to cosplay Miku, I wouldn't wear her usual outfit as I couldn't afford both the wig and outfit (the actual full cosplay is very expensive!) so I'd probably fix one up myself such as a black dress similar to the Magnet cosplay.

I also love K-On, having no favourite character but I think I'd feel better cosplaying as Mio (I love the 'don't say lazy' cosplay for her, also her hair is long and dark which is similar to mine but I'd feel better wearing a wig similar to her hair)

Here are the characters I'd like to cosplay if no one knows what they look like;
Miku; Cosplay Character
Mio; Cosplay Character

And here are some pictures of me to give you a better idea of who I'd suit! :3

(They're not great pictures but they're the only recent ones I have of me, I don't have any of me stood up so you can't really get an idea of what outfit would suit me according to my body shape and size but all I can say is; I'm not exactly thin but I'm not exactly big, I can fit into size 8 & 10 dresses (UK Size) if that's a better idea?)

Any comments/suggestions welcome, but please be honest!
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