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Any ideas welcome!

I've made my own post asking out of which two characters should I cosplay, but I'm wondering if anyone thinks I'd suit any other type of cosplay!

Meh :3

They aren't great pictures but they're the most recent ones I have.
Some things about me that may effect the cosplay;
-I'm about 5ft 5 (last time I checked)
-I don't know my exact weight as it moves up and down but I'm a size 8 or 10 (UK Size) in dresses and tops
-I do have facial piercings, but I hope that won't ruin the cosplay as I really don't want to take them out because I'm afraid of them healing up
-I am actually really pale! My face may not look it as I wear foundation that isn't too dark but it is slightly different to my skin tone, but everywhere else is really pale.
-I am totally up for wearing wigs and contact lenses ^_^

Please suggest some characters for me to cosplay! :3
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