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Originally Posted by beccalouise View Post
I've made my own post asking out of which two characters should I cosplay, but I'm wondering if anyone thinks I'd suit any other type of cosplay!

Meh :3

They aren't great pictures but they're the most recent ones I have.
Some things about me that may effect the cosplay;
-I'm about 5ft 5 (last time I checked)
-I don't know my exact weight as it moves up and down but I'm a size 8 or 10 (UK Size) in dresses and tops
-I do have facial piercings, but I hope that won't ruin the cosplay as I really don't want to take them out because I'm afraid of them healing up
-I am actually really pale! My face may not look it as I wear foundation that isn't too dark but it is slightly different to my skin tone, but everywhere else is really pale.
-I am totally up for wearing wigs and contact lenses ^_^

Please suggest some characters for me to cosplay! :3
Re-L Mayer from Ergo Proxy
Vriska Serket and Terezi Pyrope from Homestuck
Mayoko Okino from Zone-00

Originally Posted by broadsword View Post
hi there, am in need of ideas for my first cosplay experience please

Long brown hair
Blue eyes
Around 5'5
Around 55 kg
Would prefer not to wear a wig or contacts if possible
Hungary from Hetalia
Kinuka Ibara from Zone-00
Shiki Misaki from TWEWY

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