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well, I'm not driving any more, so I can no longer offer rides . I am flying into Baltimore and taking the Amtrak into town. I highly recommend this suggestion, if Laquardia or Newark airports are too pricey. I got a good deal on Southwest ($89 each way +Amtrak ticket). Cheaper than gas and faster too!

Also I FINALLY started on my Shaak Ti costume. I started it as in I drew the pattern on the insulation board. Hoping to make headway this weekend. Also hope it is nice so I can shave this thing down on my deck. I just have to keep my cat away (which will be almost impossible; she always wants to be next to me, especially if I am on the deck. In fact, when I was drawing the pattern, she decided it was a GREAT idea to sit on top of my insulation board which she has ignored for the past 5 months). Otherwise, I will lay down a trash bag on my floor and get to it.

Anyone else thinking about doing a Disney/Star Wars mashup? Since I have a Twi'lek lekku already, and I have to have one done for my friend's Halloween party (yes, the theme has already been announced) I might bring it. Depends on what I finally decide to do. Too many things I want to work on!

I also have to start work on my friend's birthday gift (which is at the end of May). I'm thinking about makings some of the vigor bottles from Bioshock Infinite. Have to wait until I get some cash in though.

SO EXCITED! I am looking forward to this very much
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