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The umbrella idea for the collar might work tho u may want to go with some wires in there for more help along w interfacing. As far as the mask, I recommend not covering your eyes, it will kill the look of a humanoid versions personally, but if you go this route, build it to fit your face. Use plaster bandages to make a mold of how far u want to go down on your face area (mchaels sells the wrap you need and then put vasaline over and "hairy" areas and don't get too close to the eyes). Then using more plaster and paperclay, create the shape of the skull. As far as the eye makeup, it depends if you put the plastic over the eyes like the reference has. But I will tell u that it is rare to find a makeup that will "glow" brightly in daylight. If u want a look like that it will work to find a uv makeup that u could wear at night.... And a glitter might b a tiny but tacky tho but you would have to play w it. It also looks like the humanoid ref is a gray color so u might look into painting your body/face&body suit. Def wear eyeliner! It'll pop the look of the contacts out!
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