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Name of Commissioner: AnnaG, Anna Glowacki.
Character commissioned: Belle's flashback outfit from "The Outsider' episode of Once Upon a Time.
Links to pictures of your commissioned item:
Timeline: She emailed me back in January after I posted up a request for someone to do either Belle's blue dress or Belle's 'The Outsider' outfit. She was very friendly and patient with me while I got my things together and even helped point out measurements that were wrong when I was trying to figure them out. She had me pay half up front and the rest at the end, and she was good at sending me emails with updates and what she was doing. I gave her a deadline at the beginning of May, and I received it right on time.
Describe your Experience: Anna is a lovely person, who is very easy to talk to, and she knows what she is doing. This is one of the first times I've commissioned someone to do a Cosplay for me, and I was nervous, but she eased those worries when I saw how professional she was and how she was always on top of things. I will surely go to her again in the near future.
Pros: Updates sent bi-weekly like requested, allowed payment up front, and at the end. Was very true to the costume, had a professional attitude, did not disappoint.
Cons: The only thing I wished about the my costume was that of the materials used, I probvably should of tried to discuss it with her, but I neglected to do so. They were still very nice and high quality materials, just not the ones that I assumed were used on the costume in the show.

Final Grade: I feel she deserves at A+ for being amazing at what she does.
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