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Name of Merchant: Sari

Item purchased: One Piece Film Z Luffy coat, vest and belt. One Piece Film Z Zoro robe

Timeline: Made first payment on March 13th, and received both costumes May 4th. Deadline was May 10th, although my convention I needed it by was May 17th

Describe your experience: Sari first contacted me on March 6 after seeing my request for a One Piece Film Z Zoro cosplay for a friend of mine. Two days later, I asked her if she could possibly make the One Piece Film Z Luffy coat for me too, and she messaged me back with a price quote. After my second payment on March 28th for the second costume, she notified me right away she received the money and was about to go out and buy fabric for the costumes. She kept me constantly updated and asked me questions on how I wanted certain things, showed me pictures, told me what she has purchased, and other status updates of both costumes. When my other commissioner failed (more on that later), she took on the project for me. She replied to any PMs within a day usually, and got my costume to me in the promised time J

Comments: For the Film Z Luffy vest, I was having another commissioner make for me, but I was afraid the first commissioner wouldn’t come through. I asked Sari if I needed it made in an emergency if she could do it, how long it would take, and how much it would cost. She quoted me, and said she could make it within a week if I need it. Luckily she was willing to help me out, because the first commissioner did in fact tell me that the vest was unsalvageable. Can’t thank Sari enough for helping me make the vest!

Final Grade: A+
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