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Name of Merchant: KawaiiCouture (Mindy Goldstone)
Email Address:

Item purchased: One Piece Film Z Luffy vest

Timeline: She first contacted me January 6th, 2013 about taking on my commission. I then exchanged messages with her as well as a few others about making this vest. She was the one that was most frequent with messaging me back, and said I can send half the payment now, and the other half when she’s done. I sent a check on January 25th, and she received it on January 29th and said she would start on it soon. KawaiiCouture didn’t have paypal, so I had to go the check method. I didn’t need it until about May 10th. I didn’t hear back from her for a while, so I emailed her again on February 27th to see how everything is. She said she’s been dealing with some personal problems, but will start on it the week after and she has the fabric. March 18th she emailed me saying she hopes to have things finish that week. On April 3rd she told me she was working on it but that something went wrong and it was “unsalvageable” and she would send me my money back. I gave her my address and waited for the payment back. April 26th I emailed back saying I haven’t received anything yet, and she told me that she sent it to me shortly after I gave her my address. More about that in the next section

Describe your experience: KawaiiCouture told me she has made many vest before and guaranteed that I would be happy with it. If I wasn’t, she said she would fix if for me for free. Also that she understands how some people are bad at keeping in constant contact with people so she tries her best to keep in contact. She gave me the option of sending half the payment plus shipping first, but it took forever to find out how much she wanted for shipping. I literally asked her about 6 times how much shipping was. Also although I didn’t need it for a while, I really wish she wouldn’t have told me she would start on it soon when she didn’t. It seems that communication got worse and worse as time went on. Even though she said that she has done many vest before, I’m surprised that she somehow was not able to do mine when it wasn’t anything too fancy. I’m honestly not sure if she even actually got the fabric since she never showed me any pictures of anything. Maybe she didn’t even bother with the best, but who knows

Comments: I would not deal with her again. She said she sent the money back, but I have no proof that she did. I asked her if she could send it again since I haven’t received anything, and she said she wouldn’t since she was not in a good financial situation. I then told her that resending a check wouldn’t cost her anything extra outside of a postage stamp. She then told me “I sent you cash. It would be a loss. I think that we are done here”. I’m not sure why ANYONE would send cash, especially if they’re trying to sell goods to people. Even if she wasn’t lying about sending payment back, she shouldn’t have sent cash since it’s untraceable. Either get a paypal account, or write out a check. Now I’m out $26, and I would recommend other people to stay away from her.

Final Grade: F
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