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when i hear, "dont eat anything from a box, bag or can"

i think, make it your self, like dont buy a pasta dinner,
get egg, flour, tomatoes and some lean meat, and make your own

fake sugars, i tried to make koolaid with splenda, and its freaking nasty
it claims to be just as sweet as sugar with less, but its not,
spledna will NEVER taste like normal sugar
also fake sweetners like aspertame, breakdown into chemicals like formaldehyde

honey is one of those "disputed, superfoods" i think it brakes down to,
it is good for you, but its really easy to have too much

its the same thing as the "fat free muffin" and "bites" ordeal,
the fat free version leaves you less satisfied, bites make you think you ate less, making you actually eat more,

eat the real thing, enjoy it, and keep it to a minimum, use it as your "reward" for keeping on
a healthier diet
honey nut cherios are healthier in the end, if your going to put 3 tbsp of sugar on the regular cherios anyway

as for "white" foods, panda covered that well

bread is the esiest thing to make...if you like biscuts, its just flour and egg, maybe a little milk, just like dumplins, just fry them instead of boiling

i never liked eating out, especially as its my luck that my food is ALWAYS brought to me rare
even after i tell them to make a note letting the chef know to burn it dead
that and i eat the same foods cheaper at home,

if i eat out, i go for places like stevie b's (pizza buffet) eating out is rarely going to mesh well
with your diet, so use it as your "eat what you want" meal

the problem most people have in terms of thier diet, is simply that they have no clues
as to what thier taking in at all, calorie, nutrient, fiber, anything
some people falsely compensate with daily multi-vitamins, but that dont change the fact your diet sucks

calorie count is important, but knowing how much fiber, iron, salt and citric acid
are in your diet is just as or more important
know what you eat, know what you need, it makes things easier
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