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Smile photo Icons are 200 X200 but still distorted.

Hi I have just put another costume on cosplay and yet again I have to go through the trouble of chosing an icon picture to go with the costume and make it 200x200. even though I do this it seems to make all my pictures slightly fuzzy and looses quality and also makes me look slightly thin in some photos and slightly fat in others. Yes I have croped it square in adobe, yet other peoples costume icons look crisp and clear.
I am now getting feed up with it, I ca't understand why you don't need to do this for uploading all your album photos, in which they always come out lovley and clear and the system sorts them out for you if they are oversized and still keeps the same good quality.

Why do we have to go through this for the Icon picture it makes no sence.

Can anybody please take a look at my costume icons and see if they can help.

Thanks form Tracy
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