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Originally Posted by Skalidra View Post
Hi! I'm working with Resident-chick on the Unofficial Gathering List, and I noticed that your thread says you're for 2:30, while the UGL says you are still deciding between 1:00pm to 2:30pm. Would you mind confirming for me what time you're planning?

Also, since we're fast approaching AX I'm swinging by to let you know that given the large amount of gatherings, and potential scheduling conflicts, we're asking that if your time and area are absolutely decided to please come by and confirm it for us. The first gathering to confirm for a time and area will get rights to that spot, in case anyone else tries to schedule the same thing.

So if you're sure about your time and area, stop by ( and let us know!
Thanks for stopping! I've seen your work on the gathering list, and I'd love to check up with you at this time!

I would like to verify our area: the gathering will be held at West Hall.
The only fear I have is that the gatherings near/outside the West Hall may force me to push my gathering further inside the West Hall, perhaps to the outside concourse of the West Hall or in the West Hall foyer (Location 6), as I have planned other activities for this gathering (Harlem Shake, private photoshoots)

As for the time, I may need to speak with my attendees for that.
Because I added other activities planned for this gathering, I may need to push back the time from 2:30PM to 1:00PM...2:30PM may be used interchangeably as the start time or the end time for the gathering (I'm not certain if I will be using that time)--However, I still need notify my attendees about these changes if I were to make any. I hope to verify with you about the time at the end of this month, after I finish up school.

Again, thanks for stopping by to verify our area and time!

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