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Name of Commissioner: Hellocosplay
Character commissioned and series/video game: White dress and gloves from the music video Egomama by Deco*27.
Hatsune Miku type2021 dress and accessories.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: None since it didn't fit.
Timeline: Started emailing on March 6th. Sent payment on March 15th. Received the product on May 13th.
Describe your Experience:
Communication was great however the actual products were not.

For the white dress: I had spent a couple weeks through email explaining what I did and did not want on the costume. One of the things I had stressed was that I did not want it to be made out of any shiny material. Lo a behold when I received the dress it was covered in some kind of shiny cheap feeling material that wasn't even satin. It was a custom commission so I had given them my exact measurements in centimeters to lessen the chance of the sizing being off. Once again lo and behold the costume is way too big. Detail wise, the dress looks fairly accurate and I am very impressed by how they did the neck ruffle which was probably the most difficult part. However there is no point in it looking nice if I can't even wear it.

For the Hatsune Miku dress: Once again it was way too big. I had sent the same exact measurements as the white dress and they had somehow managed to make it even larger then the other dress. While the white dress fell down and sat low on my hips completely exposing my bust, this dress completely falls off over them. The wrist and neck accessories are also too big even though I had once again given them exact measurement of my wrist and neck circumference. The skirt part of the dress also falls flat even though it's supposed to fluff outwards which they had assured me that they could do. At the very least I wish that they had mentioned that I would need a petticoat or hoop skirt to help support it. The detailing on the dress itself is very pretty and I am very upset that I can't wear it.
Detail wise, both of these dress were very well done other than the white dress being too long. However the fact that both dresses were easily several sizes too large when I had given them exact measurements in centimeters is completely unacceptable. I am currently waiting for their response to my last email and will hopefully get a full refund since there's no point in them remaking the costumes for my con that starts in 2 weeks.
Final Grade:
I give them a D only because the Miku dress looks very nice considering where it came from.
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