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Great job dude, this really gives me inspiration to keep up with insanity.

I am finally getting on track with insanity starting today actually, I just completed the test run workout portion fully for once.

I got insanity about 2 months about but during those 2 months it was kind of like a gas lawnmower/weed-eater effect for me. I would start then get tired and give up after like 15 mins into one workout routine and not until now have I actually kicked myself in the ass enough to start and completed my first full video (woo) lol.

my short term goal is to keep up with this workout routine along with diet to get as flat of a stomach as I can along with abs (but I think think that will happen this fast) by the 4th of july. (anime expo) for my cosplay of course. And my longterm goal is to keep up with it so I can be in tip top shape by the end of the year.

I am currently around 5'5-5'7 157lbs (lost about 3 pounds in around 2 weeks somehow, I guess it was the diet change lol) so im not too overweight, I just have a slight beer belly that I want to shed the best I can. while I am not expecting full flatness I am hoping to get pretty close so I can look good in a shirtless cosplay.

my only real issues is knowing when the best times to eat are, I start off my mornings with a whey protein powder smoothie with fresh fruit yogurt juice..and all that good stuff..but after that its hard to not under/overeat at the wrong times.
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