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Originally Posted by Schweigie View Post
Well which would you feel more comfortable as?
Originally Posted by pandagilbirds View Post
If you have already mastered both cosplays, you should pick one that you can further improve on? Just an unpopular opinion.
It depends on the region but generally there are less Aradia cosplays so you would score some hit with that.
well truthfully i would feel comfortable with any of them but i have lots of pros and cons to all three of them. i havent finished any of them but i have things for all of them and just cant decide! im going to Anime Blues Convention this summer in Memphis and my friends are going as Terezi and Feferi. I kind of want to go as Dave or Aradia but Sollux is my favorite male troll. I mainly would like to know which one i could pull off/which one would look good on me since im a bit chubby my friend has a chubby dave headcanon but i see most daves are skinny, and so are alot of solluxs. aradia is seen as curvy (im a bit curvy but i can use a body shaper to be straight looking if i cosplay a male) so i could maybe pull that off but as for acting like her im a bit rusty at it... but dave and sollux i can rp pretty good. so please tell me what you think! thanks in advance!
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