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Being "Too Sexy" For Lolita

First of all let me start off by stating that I've been obsessed with Lolita fashion since I was still in high school. However, I never really had any money to buy anything, so I would just creep on other people and dreamed of the day I could afford Lolita. FINALLY, now that I have a good paying job and am out of high school, I've went out and purchased many Angelic Pretty items as well as off brand items. I do not dress Lolita on a daily basis, but a few times out of the month I do dress up.

I am always fully covered with proper blouses, petticoats, and stockings and I never wear anything see through or too short. However, I've been told multiple times that I look like an Ero Lolita or that my breasts are too big and that I shouldn't even bother. Now while being a 32DDD, let me just say that there really isn't anything that I can do to fully disguise their size. I also have a small waist and have an overall small frame and sometimes the dresses do tend to extenuate these characteristics. However, I do not dress to show my body and even if I'm not in Lolita I do not show much skin due to my religious beliefs.

I'm actually quite stumped as to why I keep getting told this. Is it due to my body or am I doing something wrong elsewhere. I would provide pictures if I had any, but I can assure you that I am quite covered. (I don't even wear knee high stockings, only patterned opaque panty hose and stockings)

My question is: Have you ever been told this? Is it a common thing? Do you really have to look a certain way to dress in Lolita with out disrespecting the culture of it?

Thank you all so much for your time and advice, I really do appreciate it!
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