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14 May of 2013 will probably be remembered for me as the crappiest day ever.

Wake up exhausted, followed up with scumbag brain, which gave me a seizure and accidentally made me put a contact lens -- one of my favourite ones -- in perfume instead of solution, therefore ruining it and making it garbage.

I go to sleep after that, and wake up with my fat cat laying on my feet, so they're completely asleep. When I actually get up, I get a two-hour lecture because I'd forgotten to take my medicine.

My mom went to the dentist afterwards, so I opted to watch TV and just sit around because I was still exhausted, and so I forget to put the bird in his cage, and of course, he doesn't go anywhere, but I get another lecture for that when my mom gets home. She asks me to go to Walmart with her -- I really don't want to, as I've got a headache, but I figure, whatever -- it isn't like I can just go to sleep again, lest I get bugged about it.

We get home, and that was about the same time my sister got home, and her and my mom start making dinner while I go to sleep (still exhausted -- seizures suck), and I get bitched at for not playing with the bird, because he's "my goddamn pet."

My mom knocks a glass off the counter, and her and my sister supposedly sweep up the glass, but I walk through the kitchen to get some water and get a shard stuck in the bottom of my foot -- yay.

The sole perk of today was that, at Walmart, I managed to find a lipstick I've been looking for for YEARS.
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