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I also have really somewhat delicate skin, not super acne prone, but very dry. I definitely suggest wearing a nice facial moisturiser underneath your makeup! It provides a healthy barrier between your skin and the makeup. For darkening your skin, bronzing powder is probably the way to go, but a lot of cheaper brands just end up looking orange. I'd suggest dishing out a bit extra and getting Smashbox, Too Faced, Stila, or MAC. I use Too Faced for contouring because they have a veeeeery nice matte bronzer. Although definitely go to a store and try it on first, because it sometimes doesn't show up very well on some skin. Smashbox is pretty well known for epic bronzing powder.

For your other makeup, you should get some primer for your eyelids, if you can, get Urban Decay's Primer Potion, if you can't, I hear good things about e.l.f primer. That will help keep the makeup on all day. Then get a neutral eyeshadow pallet(you can use this for contouring your face as well! Korra has fairly prominent cheek bones, so this will help in that department.) and do a really basic neutral look, using colours very close to the colour of your bronzed skin. Then outline it with a soft brown pencil and you should be good to go!
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